Erotic areas other than genitals

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Erotic areas other than genitals

Postby susan » 11 Oct 2010, 21:06

Is it true that a person with a SCI has extra strong senses elsewhere on the body other than genitals when intimate?
What are these areas and how do you stimulate these areas other than genitals?
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Re: Erotic areas other than genitals

Postby ali » 16 Dec 2010, 22:28

im a C6 and personally, have found my ears to be the best spot. you find whats right for you by trying it out :D ... experiment a little lol
I'm also an OT student doing a project on female sexual identity after sci. my reading so far indicates these other 'erogenous' zones (besides the genitals) develop above your level of injury.
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Re: Erotic areas other than genitals

Postby axl » 20 Jan 2011, 20:35

I'm a T8 para and my breasts and nipples get hyposensative in extended forplay to the point of nearing orgasm without vaginal penetration :D
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